Principal Desk

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to our college website. The vision statement of our college is “Udhyamenahi Siddhyanti” means to achieve the goal, one needs incessant hard work and be pro-active. Being situated in rural area, the college is marching towards excellence with our mission. The objectives of the college are to impart quality based education, research and to develop responsible youths to broaden the vision of youth to develop quality human resources for the well-being of society and to develop the nation. Majority of students of this college are from the socially, and economically backward and Tribal families. For years together not a single member of such families is formally educated. Our enrolled students therefore have several difficulties to cope with the subjects and courses offered to them. This is a great challenge we are facing in this tribal area. We have to make extra efforts for such students to bring them to the expected level of academics. The college offers degree courses in Arts, Commerce and Science and Post-graduation in Sociology. We provide research facilities in the subjects like Political Science, Physics, Zoology, Botany and Psychology. College attempts to aim overall personality development of the students through the academic programmes of Arts, Commerce & Science as well as through the activities like Arts Circle, Debating Committee, Chanakya Competitive Examination Guidance Center, NSS, NCC, Life Long Learning Cell, Yuvati Sabha, Science Club, Literary Association etc. lead students to the community development. The college has well-furnished classrooms, Library along with Reading Room as well as well-equipped laboratories. The beautification of the College campus is also complemented by NAAC peer team. The broad-band internet facility has been provided not only to faculty members but also to the students for information, retrieval and to make them globally informative and competitive.