Political Science

About Department

The General Political Science was taught from June 1971 to June 1987. After 1987 General Political Science is being taught at the special level to U.G. classes. Now CBCS Pattern is applied by KBCNMU, Jalgaon. AIMS AND OBJECTIVES 1. To study India’s diversity in terms of social, economic, political and cultural system and the process of democratization, the role of political parties and pressure groups, the initiatives at encouraging grass roots democracy. To study the Indian federal structure in context of the constitutional frame work. 2. To study movements which took place in different areas-social renaissance, political awakening and, economic development in Maharashtra. 3. To study the role of different political ideologies, thoughts and their impact in Politics. Also, to highlight the close link between an idea and its reality in public policy and the legacy of all the major ideologies is to be assessed critically. 4. To study the major conditions by adopting a comparative approach, the constitutional and legal provisions, the ideological basis, the institutional arrangement and their social and economic background. 5. To promote the students for the various competitive Examinations and to help their career orientation.