About Department

In our college Geography Department started at general in 1971 and special level in 1991. Geography as a discipline constitutes an interface between Natural Sciences on the one hand and Social Science on the other. Geography is interdisciplinary science. The subject Geography is useful for Map reading, Map making, Surverying. AIMS AND OBJECTIVIES The aims and objectives of Geography at General level and Special level are as below:- AT GENERAL LEVEL: • To introduce the students the solution of the problems raised in natural resources development. • To introduce the latest concepts in Physical Geography essentially geomorphology to the students of geography in a brief adequately. • To acquaint the students with the nature of man environment relationship and human capability to adopt and modify the environment under its varied conditions from premative life style to the modern living. To identify and understand environment and population in terms of their qualify and spatial distribution pattern and the comprehend the contemporary issues facing the global community. • To acquaint the students with spatial and structural characteristics of human settlement under varied environmental conditions. • To enable them to diagnose special issued related to urban and rural settlement. • To enable to students to equip themselves for a career in various agencies linked with the socio-economic well being of human communities and planning of human settlement. AT SPECIAL LEVEL: • The basic economy of the world is undergoing rapid transformation in recent times, the process of transformation of economic activities from primary to secondary and tertiary state is dynamic in nature. • To integrate the various factors of economic development and to acquaint the student about this dynamic aspect of economic geography. • Geography is an amalgaon of physical as well as social sciences and as such it is necessary for the students to go through laboratory, exercise, particularly the techniques of drawing, cartograms showing physical, climatic and socio-economic attributes of region. • To achieve these objectives the concept of scale is to be understood at the initial stage. • To introduce some basic statistical procedure to the students to be applied to various themes in geography. • To indicate the assumption, limitations and interpretations of these procedures and results. • To train the students to handle these statistics towards analyzing the geographical problem. • To provide the students with the understanding of ground reality of a chosen village/town by observation mapping of land quality, land use and cropping pattern and conducting socio-economic survey of the house holds with the help of a specially prepared questionnaires.