CCEGC/Career Katta

Career Katta


Dr. Sachin R. Govardhane
M.A. (Geography), NET, B.Ed, Ph.D.


Mr. Sandip L. Kadam
M.Sc. (Chemistry), NET, SET, GATE , Ph.D (Pursuing)


Mr. Mukesh V. Valvi
M.Sc. (Chemistry), NET, GATE , Ph.D (Pursuing)

Name of Activity:-

  • Career Katta jointly organized by Maharashtra State Department of Higher and Technical Education and Maharashtra Information Technology Support Centre.

Historical Background:-

According to the letter dated 12 December 2020 from the Maharashtra State Information Technology Assistance Center, has decided to implement career katta activities at the college level for the visit IAS and entrepreneurs for its visit under the Career Katta Initiative in Maharashtra.With the dream of Hon'ble Minister Udayji Sawant and the efforts of Hon'ble Dnyaneshwar Mule and under the guidance of Hon'ble Yashwant G. Shitole, Career Katta was established. The initiative was launched online on February 21, 2021 and started online on March 1, 2021.Career Katta was established in VVM Sitaram Govind Patil Arts, Science and Commerce College Sakri and a coordinator was appointed under it and various activities are implemented for the students under this initiative.

The Motto of Activity:-

The main Purpose of Career Katta is the fulfil development of the students.

Specific Objectives:-

  • Making significant changes in the field of higher and technical education.
  • Creating a platform for rural students to prove themselves in the global competition.
  • Students in higher and technical education should have equal access to guidance.
  • To provide guidance to students in rural areas through this initiative, administrative officers, successful entrepreneurs and experts.
  • Carrier Katta is a 365 (1 year) days Course. The course will start on 1st date of the month and the examination will be held on the last Sunday of the month.
  • There will be one-and-a-half-hour session every Monday and there will be a holiday every Sunday.

CCEGC/Career Katta

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