M.A. Sociology

About Department

In the year 1979, the Sociology department was started at the general level, to fulfill the aims & objectives of the institution. It was started under the Headship of Dr. D. L. Torwane as the one man department who is at present working in capacity of the Principal of the institution. Since 1986, Sociology has been taught as a special subject, only because of the foresight of the Head of the sociology department Dr. D. L. Torwane.


  • To prepare the students to understand and to adopt the social values.
  • To generate sociological foresight among the students on socio-economic basis.
  • To enhance the social sensibility of the students.
  • To develop the skills in students that will be useful to them in their personal and social life.
  • To enable students to gain better understanding of their own and regional situations.
  • To make awareness among the students about the emerging social problems of the society.
  • To enable them to acquire sociological understanding & empower them to deal with these problems.