Physical Education & Sports

Dr. Hasinkha S. Tadvi

B.Com, M.P.Ed, Ph.D and NET
Head, Department of Physical Education and Sports

About Physical Education & Sports

Our college was established in 1971 with eradicate illiteracy to spread higher education and upliftment of society. To keep developing proficiency, competency, cultural, national and social values through curricular & extracurricular activities. Science the establishment of the college, the Physical Education and Sports (Gymkhana) department play vital role in the overall development of the students. Our college has gifted number of Inter Collegiate, Inter Zone and University Players and it has been the traditional of our Physical Education and Sports (Gymkhana) department to contribute for the betterment of the students.

The development of Physical education & Sports culture in tribal areas is the top most priority of the institution, as it promotes active lifestyle, good health, youth development, social affiliation, employment avenues, peace, spirituality, and above all a sense of belongingness and good citizens of the nation.

Physical activities help the students to spend their leisure time with great fun. Apart from this, engagements in such activities are also useful in handling and healing stress among the student’s life. The institution is offering a variety of sporting events, recreation and cultural activities that allow students, staff and community to share cross-cultural experiences and learning.

Aims and Objectives of the Department

  • To aim at all round personality development of the students.
  • To develop the feelings of co-operation and co-existence.
  • To release the importance of sound mind is sound body through physical fitness.
  • To develop sportiveness amongst the students.
  • To increase moral values through the exhibition of national and international sports.
  • To create social responsibility and sensibility.
  • To increase the self-reliance.
  • To create interest of sports and entertainment.
  • To Develop co-operation and leadership amongst the students.
  • To make the students competent to meet the challenges successfully.


  • A Department office of total carpet area of 527.43 Sq. ft. there is a facility for Chess.
  • Playgrounds are feature of our infrastructure total playgrounds area of 28,418.72 Sq. ft. (Playgrounds are; Basketball Court, Kho-Kho Ground, Handball Ground, Kabaddi Ground, Volleyball Ground and Cricket Net Box )