About Department

The Science faculty was established in the year June1981. Upto 1981 there was no other science college within circumference 55 km. of Sakri. It provided greater opportunity to poor, rural and tribal students. Zoology subject was started with 32 number of students as subsidiary subject and at T. Y. B. Sc. Special subject was started since 1991-92 with 7 numbers of students after the permission granted from State Government. AIMS AND OBJECTIVIES The main objectives of the departments are:- ? To enable to students to understand the classroom lectures, read text books, do reference reading. ? To enable the students to participate in discussion to write assignments and examination answers. ? To inculcate amongst the students some basic values like life, scientific attitude and awareness regarding nature. ? To acquaint the students with major forms of knowledge and techniques used in a subject. ? To enable the students mentally, systematically for research activities. ? To acquaint the students with structure, function, classification and evolution of animals. ? To make students and teachers aware with recent trends in life sciences. ? To enable the students to receive academic rigour. ? The ability retain curiosity and develop competence to learn. ? To increase the awareness of young learners about the abuse to which animals have been subjected by human greed. ? To train the students in exploration, identification and evaluation of animals. ? To enable the student know importance of nature and natural resources. ? To encourage the student for field work to familiarize with flora and fauna of local territory. ? To provide mobility to students within different disciplines.